Skye Klad's third full-length CD - "Plays the Musick of Cupid's Orkustra Asleep in the Magick Powerhouse of Oz"

(Hand/Eye) Available Now!


Skye Klad II

(Mutant Music) Available Now!


Skye Klad - s/t CD

(Mutant Music) 2001



Skye Klad - Extreme Vacuum Person EP

(Hermetic Recordings) 1999



• Skye Klad - Mind's Eye b/w Kindred Raga (Hermetic Recordings) 1999



*V/A Hand/Eye - Available Now! - "The Hand/Eye label has been bringing the world modern experimental-folk and psychedelic music since the early 1990s. Hand/Eye has forged a unique and varied catalog which, along with parent label, Dark Holler, has given the world everything from deep-space astral explorations to traditional fiddle tunes. For the 10th Hand/Eye release we've gathered friends and associates from the world over, hand-picked for this celebration of music. All of the artists have provided exclusive material for this compilation. There are no convenient names for this gathering of music: Psychedelia, wyrdfolk, acid-folk, experimental, astral-folk... call it what you will, it cannot be bottled under one small label. With: AMPS FOR CHRIST, IN GOWAN RING, PETER SCION, SARADA, ALASDAIR ROBERTS, THE IDITAROD, STONE BREATH, GREG WEEKS, CURRITUCK COUNTY, RING, WITCH-HUNT, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O., PRYDWYN, FIT & LIMO, MARTYN BATES, KEMIALLISET YSTAVAT, DREKKA, TINSEL, FURSAXA, TIMOTHY THE REVELATOR, SKYE KLAD, PELT, DIANA OBSCURA, DEAD RAVEN CHOIR, MASON JONES, SALAMANDER" buy

• City Pages Twin Town Yearbook - 2001/2002


• Hard Times Benefit CD - 2001