by George Parsons

Skye Klad - s/t

Minneapolis rock gods Skye Klad have made a debut album to be very proud of. Guitarists Jason Kesselring, and Erik Wivinus, singer Adam Backstom, bassist Moon Wells and drummer Matt Zaun make a potent variant of the space rock theme. They all play great enthused experimental acid garage drone rock with a delicious witchy undercurrent. Ranging from the searing psychedelic pop of the Minds Eye, to their gorgeously subtle cover of the Transient Waves/Piano Magic/Low song Sleep At The Bottom. Ionosphere is an over 8 minute extraterrestrial Spaceman (3) walk, with cool theremin-like keyboards and far away lofty vocal harmonic layerings. Amber is grimly reminiscent of Michael Gira's monolithic walls of well disciplined acoustics. Adam's singing is mysterious, with a moody almost goth-like feel, he brings to mind vamps like Jeffery Lee Pierce, Ian Curtis and Ian Astbury, while looking more like Billy Corgan.

George is the editor of the excellent Dream Magazine