We have experienced this sort of musical phenomenon before and were intrigued by the information Solarium presented to us. Let us avoid the usual fallbacks of "dreamy," "trippy," and "spacey" in describing this event. The crew for this Solarium project consists of Skye Klad, Peter Anderson (Polara), Stuart Devaan (Savage Aural Hotbed), Erik Wivinus (Salamander, Gentle Tasaday), Fred Teasley (Ousia), Di Dollari, Flybussen and Optical Alchemy. The amalgam certainly includes people from area bands that have been described as such, but the project is more than just the sound of the music.

The Solarium project is less of a gig than a concept being put into practice and is built with the goal of changing the way people think of music as being presented. Rather than having a night of similar bands/friends play together with a theme, the whole night is one giant collaboration. There will be no band set times, no set changes and no witty banter as tunings or strings are changed - at least not as the audience has learned to recognize these phenomena. What happens at Solarium is an ebb and flow of music and lineup over the course of the show. People will mount the stage, people will leave the stage. People will be added, people will be subtracted. Sound will be mutiplied, sound will be simplified.

The last Solarium experiment was successful. The scientists of Skye Klad, Solarium labs, and their friends at First Avenue invite you to investigate this wonderful opportunity. Come witness music - the event formerly known as the "gig" - as an organism.

-First Avenue In-House Magazine - 11.04.99