Skye Klad

by Tim Anderson

Minneapolis space-rockers Skye Klad, according to the band’s manifesto, have set out to explore “avenues of sonic research and experimentation” with the intent of, “produc[ing] in effect, enough sonic energy to enable tenth dimensional vortices to open and break down all matter into its pure energy state ... allowing intergalactic travel with ease.” The band has attempted to harness some of these cosmic forces by recording these sounds and allowing the listener to do some interstellar exploration on his own.

The opening rush of “Mind’s Eye” recalls vintage psychedelia, surf-rock channeled through the Silver Surfer, and stands out as one of the more interesting and approachable songs on the disc. By the third track “Killer Goodnight,” the approach the band takes almost seems to lapse into caricature. The Danzig-esque vocals and ridiculous lyricism based around the chorus “You once had power/but now you’re dead” make it hard to take seriously. The band redeems itself somewhat by a cover of “Sleep At The Bottom,” a Low/Piano Magic/Transient Waves collaboration from 1998 that Skye Klad almost managed to make more trance-inducing than the original.

From there, the whole of the album quickly dissolves into the realm of My Bloody Valentine/Spacemen 3/Bardo Pond guitar density, layered with effect, feedback and noise. And while this is not an altogether bad thing if the listener is a fan of any of the genres that Skye Klad could fall under, the squalling guitar and washes of effect will surely turn off the casual listener. On a more progressive note, the band has offered a downloadable mp3 version of the album for free on its site, While the band occupies a narrow bandwidth of interest, those who do appreciate such cosmic noise will surely appreciate the mission of the young lads at Skye Klad.