This criminally ignored local space-rock collective inhabits an alternative universe of UFOs, cults and paranormal phenomena, which only begins to explain its approach to music. Skye Klad might be the most futuristic rock band in town, yet there's a timeless, early-psychedelic element borrowed from the darker impulses of Pink Floyd, the Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath and the like. Guitar-hero-in-waiting Jason Kesselring is the band's resident sick genius, capable of veering from anxious atmospherics to jagged art-rock freakouts within a single frame. And singer Adam Backstom has grown more engaging since he exchanged his gothic moan for a slight snarl. The pieces come together beautifully on the group's new self-titled recording, available for free download at; the album's delayed release on CD is part of the impetus for tonight's show. The Morning Stars and Fadladder open. (8 p.m. Fri., 7th Street Entry, 29 N. 7th St., Mpls. $6. 612-338-8388.) (S.P.G.)