by Zoopa Loop

Skye Klad - s/t

Skye Klad is a Minneapolis based spacerock band founded in 1996 by guitarist Jason Kesselring. At the beginning, his first goal was to play a kind of experimental hypersonic fusion illustrated by the first recordings of the band entitled "Atmospheric disturbances" and "Extreme vacuum person" which have appealed to both fans of space rock and experimental music over their early years. From now on, with lots of reminiscences of their previous recordings, this self titled album (recorded in 2000) covers a space rock along which various but important influences appear: industrial vibes, psychedelia, noisy waves as well as a quite strong dramatic touch on some of the vocals.

They have in common with almost all the space rock bands the sonic adventurous guitar parts and some shooting stars keyboards which lead their music to a swirling and echoing dimension ( the 60's influenced "Mind's eye", "Toxaphene", "Visceral Reaction"). The first three tracks are some typical direct space rockers where Skye Klad light up their turbo boosters ( "Mind's eye", "Vespers", "Killer goodnight" ). Even if during such tracks as "Killer goodnight", "Debutante", "Visceral reaction" they develop a fuzzier sound, the mechanical indeed even the robotic edge they create ( "Debutante", "Toxaphene" ) reminds me more of some Chrome or Pressurehed's stuff. Of course it's not as rough as the quoted bands but it shows how much Skye Klad was influenced by some psychedelic urban music. In another way, a song as "Falling clear" could also easily please some of the stoner rock fans by its doomy guitar riff which is surrounded by all the signs that apocalypse is on its way. The filtered vocals are here to accentuate both spaced out and gloomy sensations coming from the songs. ( "Ionosphere", "Toxaphene"," Visceral reaction", "Falling clear" ).

"Ionosphere", the cover of Low's "Sleep at the bottom"or "Amber" show another side of the band which is deeply more influenced by ambient induced music. These numbers are some quite long excursions through space which combine heavy guitars with some cosmic waves built upon various synths layers or noisy droney walls. That's where the declaiming vocals bring a quite astonishing touch to some of the tracks which slightly move onto darker realms but always keeping their hypnotic structures, as if listeners and musicians themselves were both attracted by a black hole. ( " Amber"). Covering Space Rock music in different shades, this album is highly recommended for a pretty intense voyage through the unknown. A dark future is rising.

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