by Zoopa Loop

Skye Klad - II

I had barely discovered the music of this Minneapolis based space rock band with their excellent debut album that I already received their brand new record simply entitled "2". On their first full length release, their music swirled around a space rock core which absorbed a multitude of sounds being made up of industrial sensations, psychedelia and even noisy oscillations. All these vibes are still present on "2" but the band have enclosed them in some more classic structures, have condensed their various sources of inspiration into songs 2 / 4 minutes in length whose immediate impact on the listener is stronger than their previous long pieces.

Their boiling psychedelism and adventurous style which were both important parts of their material up to now stay from now on in the background on behalf of some more dissonant distorded textures which remind me of Sonic Youth which would have listened too much to Chrome ( "To the new dawn", "Absynthe Opaline", "Lethe", "Reign song" ). Although all these elements can make you think of an album which might follow a more experimental line, the whole is scatterred with some references to David Bowie ( "Sunwheel" ) or Frank Zappa ( "Evening star", "As it is so be it" ) whose influences on the architecture of the songs give them an unrivalled touch rolled up in quite marked catchy style.

Sometimes the dissonant and rough textures of their tracks lean on some tasty dopey walls of sounds consiting of the above-mentioned influences ( "Little nemo", "Lightbringer 6", "Skye Boat" ). The collision between a colder form of psychedelism which would only like to extend within woollier outlines and the pop / rock nature of most of their numbers breeds a certain rivalry where Skye Klad excel in combining both of their desires which are to explore music in a free way and to keep this way of playing inside more rigid bounds to appeal to some potential new ears ( "Fall angel", "Golden dawn", "Reign song", "Outrider" ). Some extended pieces would have surely failed to achieve this goal. I didn't expect a such maturity in their songwriting from their second album whose main attraction is to unite different musical genres after the manner of Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth or Chrome. A succesful result from a talented band.

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